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The procedure of access to the computing resources of the HP-SEE infrastructure, described below, is supervised by the HP-SEE Application Review Committee (ARC), and involves two aspects:

  • the scientific assessment of the proposed software application (which is mainly performed by the leaders of the Virtual Research Communities)
  • the technical evaluation of the software application, performed by HPC experts.

The procedure for getting access to HPC resources consists of the following steps:

  • The applicant fills in a questionnaire regarding the technical requirements and the scientifically relevant aspects, which is sent to the ARC mailing list.
  • ARC reviews the application, process during which it may question the applicant regarding further details
  • ARC makes the appropriate decision and communicates it to the applicant. If the decision is positive, the request is also forwarded to appropriate(s) HPC center(s) for further evaluation of the technical compatibility aspects.
  • The technical staff of the centre(s) analyse the request, interacting by e-mail with the applicant for the clarification of technical details, if necessary.
  • After getting a positive answer from a HPC centre, the applicant will have to fill in the appropriate registration form that will be provided by the centre staff.

The steps of the procedure above remain practically unchanged in the case of the use of the web access portal.