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The HP-SEE promotional package is built on a common brand and style, while the additional dissemination material is consistent, following specific graphic style, which reflects the project corporate design.

The HP-SEE brochure consists of a well-structured text that provides an overview of the project, detailed information on its objectives, the methodology and work plan, and the user communities. It also describes the benefits for the scientific communities in the South East European region, emphasizing on the competitiveness of the region in the international field of HPC infrastructures and use.

The HP-SEE poster shown is an effective dissemination element that, together with the brochure and the core presentation constitutes the project promotional package. The HP-SEE poster has a key role in the dissemination process, as it will be on public view at events organized or attended by HP-SEE members during the project.

The HP-SEE core presentation provides an overview of the project, and past EC-funded e-infrastructure initiatives that have created a solid background on which HP-SEE builds on. It describes project objectives and vision, structure and activities. The presentation has been already used in a number of events. It will be gradually updated to follow the HP-SEE progress.

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