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Pecs SC


Resource centre Pecs SC

Pecs supercomputer is a SGI 1000 Ultraviolet with SMP (ccNUMA) architecture. The machine has Intel Xeon X7542 (Nehalem EX) type 6-core processors and the total cores are 1152. The computing power exceeds the value of 10 Tflops. Each processor can directly access the 6 terabytes of memory over the Numalink communication infrastructure. This supercomputer has 0.5 petabyte storage, and high-end visualization subsystem is added which is an efficient, modern, water-cooled technology. It has SUSE Linux Enterprise operating system.

Parallel programming models

Supported parallel programming paradigms are MPI, OpenMP, PVM and Hybrid.

Development software

Languages C/C++ ; gcc compiler toolchain, MPI libraries, profiling and debugging tools.

Infrastructural services

User administration, authentication, authorization, security

Users can access it with SSH public key authentication

Workflow and batch management

Open Grid Scheduler 2011.11p1 local resource manager

Distributed filesystem and data management

There are two filesystems available to users (/home, /scratch) where /scratch is for temporary files created during job execution.

Accounting and resource management

Sun Grid Engine's accounting

Operational monitoring

Operational monitoring is performed using various tools: Nagios, Munin

Helpdesk and user support

User support is provided through dedicated hu_niifi queue at HP-SEE Helpdesk

Libraries and application tools

1) Software libraries:


2) Development and application software available:

Intel compiler, GNU compilers (gcc, g++, gfortran), GDB

More detailed description about the current software stack:

Access the Pecs SC

If you want to have access to Pecs SC you have to register in the HP-SEE Resource Management System at For more information on using the Resource Management System consult Resource management system.

Frontend machine:

Here you can read about the usage of the Hungarian supercomputers:


HP-SEE researchers should use the help desk - If you don’t have an account send mail to Ioannis Liaboti - iliaboti at grnet dot gr.

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