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Section contributed by IICT-BAS

The access to the clusters HPCG, Debrecen, Szegen and to SuperComputer BlueGene/P made it possible to provide speed-up tests up to 1024 processes. The speed-up on Debrecen is ideal for up-to 768 processes, for problems of 4.5 million cells. This mean that each process has to calculate 5860 cells, which is very small number of calculations per process. The results for speed-up on other HP clusters are similar.

The speed-up test on SuperComputer BlueGene/P is ideal up to 384 processes and the computational time per process is significantly larger than on HPC clusters. We also note that one process on HPCG cluster (without use of HyperThreading) is approximately 8.5 times faster then one process on SuperComputer BlueGene/P.

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