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The HP-SEE Resource Management System has two main goals:

  • Providing a centralized way for requesting access to the HP-SEE infrastructure and requesting computing resources
  • Providing an easy way to monitor the resources used by the project

The system is responsible for managing both requests for access to the infrastructure and requests for local access to the HPC centers.

The system also provides an easy way for monitoring resource requests and remaining resources.

The system is available for new users of HP-SEE only at

A version for already active HP-SEE users is soon to be released.

Requirements for system usage

  • X509 certificate
  • Browser and Internet

Registration of new users

  • Registration

The first step in using the Resource management system is to register and submit a request for account creation to the HP-SEE Application Review Committee.

Registration page.png
  • Browse resources

While waiting for approval from the HP-SEE ARC you can browse the available HPC centers and read useful information about them.

  • Wait for approval

When your request has been approved by the HP-SEE arc your will notice this change in your status and you will be notified by e-mail.


Requesting resources

  • Request resources

After approval by the HP-SEE ARC you can browse resources and submit request to the HPC centers participating in the project:

  • Choose an HPC Center
  • Download it's request form
  • Fill in the requested information
  • Scan a signed copy of it
  • Upload it via the Resource Management System
  • Fill in the upload form
  • Upload it
  • Click "Submit Request"
Request resource.png
  • Monitor your requests and remaining resource

The Resource management system provides information about your requests as well statistics for the used CPU time and job count on different HPC centers.

  • Ask for support or a new feature

Feel free to ask for support in using the HP-SEE Resource management system or to request new features for the system.
Note: Use this only for problems related to the HP-SEE Resource management system

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